Visiting Campus


Visitor parking is available at ‘Pay to Park’ spaces.  Visitors pay at the pay station and must properly display the receipt on the front dash of the vehicle.  Pay Stations for all visitor ‘Pay to Park’ spaces are ADA compliant and visitors with a disabled plate/placard will also need to pay when parking in these areas. For more information about accessible parking please visit the Parking Services website at Accessible Parking.


A map of accessible routes, buildings, and parking can be found on the UMBC campus maps page, via QR code on information information kiosks, and by clicking here.

Accommodation Requests

If you have a disability-based request for your visit, make the request via the event organizer or the department you are visiting at least two weeks* before the event.  Event staff may consult with the ADA Coordinator ( or 410-455-5745) for technical assistance.

*Please note, some accommodations take time to organize.  In all situations, effort will be made, up until the time of the event, to provide reasonable accommodation in consultation with the Office of Accessibility and Disability Services.